19.04.2012 10:30-11:30

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012
Combined Session


Re-engineering IAM to better serve your Business Needs

Identity and Access Management like most of the organizations have implemented is on change. Provisioning as the core element in former days still plays some role, but with Access Governance becoming established, new concepts like Access Intelligence (in its still somewhat undefined form), integration to SIEM, re-thinking of established IT concepts like Message Queueing for the role they can play in Identity and Access Management and many other influencing factors, Identity and Access Management has to be re-thought where it is still established. The art of re-engineering is the balance between an advanced solution and architecture on one hand and the protection of investments. How can you leverage what you have towards a more mature, more flexible, more future-proof, business-focused solution? What will you need in the future and what does it need ot go there? And what about dealing with new groups of users like your customers and trends like BYOD (bring your own device)? And how about the changing requirements around privacy and information security?

KuppingerCole strongly believes that it is time to re-engineer Identity and Access Management and to rethink the established approaches. Martin Kuppinger will present the future view of Identity and Access Management and explains how to best re-engineer it.

The Role of Open Source in Today´s IAM Infrastructure

Building Identity & Access Management as a Public Administration Service for the Trento Autonomous Province

This session will explore how Trento Autonomous Province is working to establish standards that make it easy for (local and central) government agencies and businesses to consume identities with confidence in their quality.
Fabrizio Russo, Trento IAM Project’s chair, will discuss the local government’s role in establishing a trustworthy identity infrastructure.
This session will explore: 1: The importance of a comprehensive identity and access governance strategy targeted and the highest risk areas within the organization. 2: How Trento IAM provided the glue to incorporate business oriented aspects , data protection, activity and risk management. 3: The challenges, impact, lessons learned and next steps in Trento IAM journey.

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