18.04.2012 11:30-12:30

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012
Combined Session


Winds of Change in your IT Organization: Get ready for the Future

IT Organizations are on the move. The Cloud requires new skills in procurement, service orchestration and service management. An increasing number of CEOs nowadays aren’t IT veterans anymore but young managers which understand the CIO role as an important career step. And the demand for more Business/IT alignment drives the change of IT organizations as well. In this session, you will learn of how to fundamentally restructuring your IT, following the KuppingerCole IT Model. This results in an IT organization which is business-driven and focused. This also supports efficiency gains in IT production. It is about an agile organization, ready for the future.

The Future of Identity & Access Management: Embrace, Extend – and don’t Replace?

Most organizations have done quite some investment into IAM and Access Governance. But they need much more. They need to integrate, they need to extend what they have done, and tey need to levarage developments like geographically dispersed infrastructures, mobile computing and cloud. Thus good solutions should add value to what these organizations have instead of putting most effort in redoing things which did cost a lot of money. In this panel, we will discuss strategies for IAM and Access Governance which focuses on adding value, enhancing what customers have and filling the gaps they might have, without ending in vendor clashes.

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