18.04.2012 17:00-18:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012
Combined Session


Why you should not believe in Cloud-only Solutions

Years ago, when the cloud became popular, KuppingerCole published a Cloud Roadmap with a simple target: One IT, not a separation of Cloud IT and On-Premise IT. However, there are still many offerings which are cloud-only, even while it is obvious that the reality for most organizations will remain hybrid. That’s true for many areas of IT, including IAM. There are also offerings for that. But is there really a value in solutions which only support the cloud? When do you need them, if at all? Which integration should cloud-based IAM solutions provide? And how might your future look like, if you focus on the One IT/One IAM approach but still have to rely on cloud-based solutions for example for an easier integration of external users like your customers and for using different types of Saas? That’s what you’ll learn in that session.

Cloud Identity Services – Models and Challenges

As the software-as-a-service (SaaS) market explodes, more and more organizations struggle to gain control over their user’s identities in the cloud. Some are also exploring outsourcing their identity and access management (IAM) functions to the cloud.

There are three architectural models for implementing cloud identity services:

  • In the cloud – identity and access management as an on-demand service
  • To the cloud – IAM from an on-premise platform
  • Hybrid – a model that includes elements of both on-demand and on-premise solutions.

In this session, we will discuss the key architectural, platform, integration, security, scalability and reliability issues which organizations seeking to adopt cloud-based identity need to consider, including the increasingly significant role that Cloud Identity Broker/Cloud Security Broker technology is playing. The discussion will also assess current and evolving technology and industry standards available for managing SaaS account provisioning/de-provisioning, single sign-on, strong authentication, and other identity operations.


When you finish this session, you will have a framework for analyzing the state of today’s technology options and selecting the most appropriate architectural platform to meet your businesses identity requirements in the cloud.

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