18.04.2012 10:30-11:30

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012
Combined Session


Increase Value to the Business: The KuppingerCole IT Model

KuppingerCole recently has unveiled its view on the IT: The KuppingerCole IT Model. This model focuses on fulfilling the business needs: Providing the services business really needs – and ensuring that corporate information is adequately protected. Based on these targets, the model segments IT in three layers and allows mapping virtually anything. It supports in increasing the agility of IT in terms of quickly fulfilling business service requests. It explains on how to build your IT infrastructure as well as the Governance framework. It is the answer on how to best deal with the hybrid environments organizations have today, mixing different cloud environments with the existing on-premise IT. Thus it provides the logical answer for the strategic use of the Cloud. And it provides the cornerstones for building efficient on-premise environments. The model is a lean concept on which you can base your future-proof, business-driven IT.

How IAM can Catalyze the Secure Enterprise

IAM (Identity & Access Management) is one of the cornerstones of Information Security. Thinking in identities and putting the security of information and the access to information in the center of attention is the foundation for improving information security. Moving away from device-centric and network-centric security to information-centric security allows to better understand information risks and the required actions to mitigate these risks and better secure your enterprise. Leading industry experts, all with an analyst background, and KuppingerCole analysts discuss the role IAM plays for information security and the future of IT Security in general in this panel.

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