12.05.2011 15:00-16:00

European Identity Conference 2011
Business Case Study


Ensuring Appropriate Data Usage: IDM at EnBW

To be compliant with the law and with sector-specific regulations is not only a challenge for an identity managment system but offers also some interesting opportunities.

The presentation will take a closer look at the identity and organizational data management at EnBW and will focus on compliance: How do challenges from the German law for data privacy protection (BDSG) and sector-specific regulations lead to a modern service oriented IDM-system which ensures appropriate data usage.

User Provisioning: Self-Service Secrets of the Masters

As your business grows, so does the complexity of user provisioning. Quickly user provisioning can become a nightmare, especially if you’re relying on cumbersome manual processes come audit time. Discover how one of the world’s largest insurance brokerages automated user provisioning and achieved provisioning mastery by turning their provisioning process into a self-service IT “Store” complete with graphical shopping cart and secure workflow.

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