11.05.2011 10:30-11:30

European Identity Conference 2011
Combined Session


Adopting IAM Standards in the Enterprise

Adopting IAM standards is a goal. Supporting legacy applications that generate revenue and impact business is a necessity. Often, the two are in conflict. What are patterns that work for achieving both of these at once? How can the enterprise future proof with standards while at the same time keeping their most important applications in the mix? And, if they can’t, what’s the best contingency plan to move everything forward? We will discuss what standards are in play with IAM today, what problems these standards address, what’s at stake in their adoption, how they are impacting the IAM approach in new applications, where the disconnect tends to be with older applications, and uncover the strategies that have been known to work for others to get it all going.

Global IAM Approach for better Compliance and Governance: Why Managing Identities will not Solve the Issue.

Identity management projects are too often focused on solving IT problems. But what is the real value for business and operations? We’ll see why a global IAM approach is necessary to achieve compliance and governance goals.

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