06.05.2010 15:00-16:00

European Identity Conference 2010
Combined Session


<a Felix Gaehtgens, Kuppinger Cole

Identity Management as a Service: Lessons Learned in Real World Implementations.

  • Methods for endpoint integration (Both standards based and custom)
  • How provisioning in the cloud can create the business case necessary to sell the service in the enterprise
  • The difference between IDM in the cloud and Identity brokers.
  • What the upcoming innovations will be for IDMaaS.
  • How IDMaaS supports the SaaS employee model
  • How the IDM service environment has evolved in the last 10 years.

Trends in E-SSO: From a Tool to a Strategic Element

Enterprise SSO is changing fundamentally. Having been a tool for quick-wins mainly, it becomes a strategic element in Information Security infrastructures. E-SSO expands to support new use cases, mainly versatility (the flexible use of different authentication means). Strong authentication means might be re-used. Beyond that, E-SSO is increasingly integrated with other elements of IAM, becoming a core element for consistent authentication strategies across the enterprise. The panelists will talk about the status and the upcoming changes for E-SSO – and how this potentially will lead to an even bigger quick-win potential whilst E-SSO’s strategic relevance increases.

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