06.05.2010 14:00-15:00

European Identity Conference 2010
Combined Session


Inter-Organizational Federated Identity and Access Management in Swiss Higher Education

40 independent institutions with a SAML Identity Provider and close to 400 SAML Service Providers successfully interoperate. In 2009Q4 per minute 23 users authenticated using this federated Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI).

The SWITCHaai federation served as example for many other countries on how to implement their own AAI for higher education.

The presentation will provide answers to the following questions:

  • What was the use case for building this infrastructure in the first place?
  • How does the management of this infrastructure scale?
  • How gets the discovery problem solved?
  • What are the plans for extending it beyond national borders?


It has been Quiet around Federation. Is this a good Sign or a bad one?

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