06.05.2010 11:30-12:30

European Identity Conference 2010
Business Case Study


<a Tim Cole, KuppingerCole

Orange France Telecom Identity Management Strategy (announcement)

From Plastic to Secured Bits – a Wallet for Virtual Cards on the Mobile Phone

Using current SIM card technology, Near Field Communication and identity frameworks, mobile phones have the power to turn into the user-centric identity management device of the future. The concept of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories allows credit cards, loyalty cards, access cards, membership cards, tickets and tokens to live in co-existence on a device that combines SmartCard security with SmartPhone convenience.

First implementations prove feasibility for use at registers, ticketing, access control etc. using NFC at the POS or premises, but also leading the way towards a card-based identity framework that covers Internet use on the SmartPhone, or even a PC. Existing standards are employed to guarantee the openness required for a wide acceptance across issuers, relying parties, and users alike.

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