05.05.2010 15:00-16:00

European Identity Conference 2010
Combined Session


<a J�rg Asma, KPMG
<a John Hermans, KPMG

Panel: Reducing the Risk of Information Leaks: DLP, IRM or both?

Information Protection is at the core of what organizations want and have to achieve with their entire IT Security investments. But currently, it is mainly focused on protecting information in their siloes, like file servers, databases, enterprise applications, and so on. However, the target has to be to protect information at any point of its lifecycle: At rest, in move, in use – regardless of where it rests, moves, or is used. DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) claims to solve this issue but is mainly targeted on stopping data leaks at an increasingly perforated perimeter. IRM is said to be not mature enough yet. What should the solution for information protection look like? Which path should you take in your information security strategy? What role will DLP and IRM play? And is their any chance to provide information protection without a strong IAM foundation? These questions will be discussed by the panelists, to provide you insight on how to move forward in IAM, DLP, and IRM (and perhaps other areas) to better address your information security threats.

Heuristic Approaches to Identity Risk Scoring

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