08.05.2009 13:30-16:00

European Identity Conference 2009

National eID and Company ID Projects in the Context of EC Harmonization Efforts

bos KG: Protocols and Use-Cases for Strong Authentication based on the German ID Card

From 2010 onwards, the German ID card will include an electronic identification application, which can be used by e-goverment and e-business providers to clearly authenticate German citizens. Based on the German eCard API framework an eID server and a citizen client provide such an authentication for various business cases. This presentation briefly introduces the protocols and use-cases for an online identification based on the German ID card.

cryptovision: Company ID vs. National eID Projects – Differences and Synergies

This presentation discusses the mutual dependency between national e-ID projects and corporate ID solutions with a focus on (European) interoperability. The following issues are addressed:

  • Relevant legal, formal and technical requirements and stipulations
  • Solutions for company ID projects, using eID cards for private sector applications
  • Using company ID products for eID projects – benefits and shortcomings
  • Forecast: influence of current and upcoming eID standardization efforts on the private sector

Bundesdruckerei: The ID provider as the link between citizens and service providers

The electronic ID card is the solution to many problems encountered on the Internet, such as phishing attacks and data theft. Furthermore, it offers citizens a convenient method of authentication and supplies service providers with reliable data. The data reading process is not simple and calls for know-how which smaller service providers, in particular, are not willing to generate. A crypto service can facilitate the handling of cryptographic material and an ID provider can even perform the entire reading process and supply the service provider with authentic data. For the holder of the electronic ID card, this procedure is transparent and requires the holder’s confirmation thus allowing the holder to retain control of his or her data. The usual revocation list query procedure is not possible because pseudonyms can be used in the authentication process. A revocation service and double derivation of a global revocation feature offer a secure solution that requires only a minimum of document-related data.

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