08.05.2009 13:30-16:00

European Identity Conference 2009

Exploring the Risks & Solutions Involved in Securing Identity and Access Management

Today’s enterprises are under much greater pressure to provide a secure environment, and to remain up-to-date on the regulatory and governance requirements, with regards to individual privacy policy protection and management. As companies move their business-processes online, one of the top challenges they face is integrating internally managed security services, access control among trading partners, and security-as-a-service for their consumers. Everyone must manage multiple users and devices across different platforms, while ensuring the reliability and security their partners and customers require, promoting interoperability to stream-line business processes yet controlling privacy breaches.

Identity management open standards play a crucial role in many applications, including e-governments, e-commerce, business intelligence, investigation, homeland security, and many others.

Come learn about the state-of-identity through a discussion with open standard experts and industry leaders sharing ideas related to identity authentication, access control, extensible resource identifiers, peer-to-peer, social networking, information cards, encryption and key management in distributed systems.

This workshop is full of security solutions that won’t disappoint, including:

  • Answers on how to secure your applications;
  • Insight on how to achieve security, privacy and trust in networked systems;
  • A clear view of the current state of federated identity standards and implementations;
  • Authorization & authentication business solutions;
  • Innovative ideas for encryption and key management in distributed systems;
  • As well as, advice from standard organisation representatives on where they see standards activities happening in the future.


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