07.05.2009 14:00-15:00

European Identity Conference 2009
Combined Session


GRC Platforms Market Overview – Recommendations for Choosing the Best Platform

Over the course of the last year, GRC platforms became more mature and the overall GRC market became more structured. During this presentation, Martin Kuppinger will give an overview of the GRC market and its segments, our expectations for the future development of GRC platforms, and, based on that, recommendations and criteria to choose the appropriate GRC platform. This session will be based on the upcoming Kuppinger Cole GRC Market Segment Report which compares and rates the offerings of different vendors.

GRC Strategies Best Practice: Vibracoustic

The path from updating a role concept to Identity Management

  • Vision: All authorizations under unique control
  • Organization: Data cleansing
  • Supporters: Line Management und upper Management
  • Risk Management: Support for departments


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