06.05.2009 10:30-11:30

European Identity Conference 2009
Combined Session


Identity Management & Web 2.0 – Where we are Heading for

Web 2.0 puts the user in the spotlight of all service offerings, and is driving the trend for new, open, and lean processes – not least in terms of user identification (authentication) and secure access authorization across multiple services.

OpenID is just one example of this. At present, it is the most popular standard and has been supported by a range of Web 2.0 providers (Google, Yahoo) since the beginning of 2008. With just one OpenID, the user has a unique user name that he can use to log into all services that support OpenID.

In many cases, new service offerings in Web 2.0 are also a result of the clever combination of various services from different providers (= mash-ups) to create a new, functional application. Many service offerings in Web 2.0 therefore require not only the user information itself to enable them to offer their products in personalized form, but also the option of obtaining services from other providers on behalf of the customer. The aim here is to only offer the requesting service the options it needs for the particular application type.

The presentation will use live demos to provide an introduction to the concepts behind different procedures and their potential for use in Web 2.0 applications. The aim is to demonstrate how navigation works and to shed light on the interaction between services and identity providers, as this is becoming increasingly important for the networking (mash-up) of Web 2.0 applications.

User Centric & Mobile Business Cases

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