05.05.2009 09:00-13:00

European Identity Conference 2009

OASIS Roundtable: From 30,000 Feet – The Landscape of Identity Management Standards from the Public and Private Perspectives

In large network infrastructures, heterogeneity and diversity are the rule rather than the exception. Security infrastructures need open standards and interoperability to scale their large deployments. Some of the security standards from OASIS and other organizations support a model where identity authentication, access control, digital signature processing, encryption and key management are provided as services that can be distributed and shared.

This interactive roundtable will provide attendees the opportunity to explore the current security landscape, as well as learn about the future of security services, to include global data privacy policies.

Attendees of the roundtable will:

  • Learn how to manage personal information in a technical environment and the ability of government and business systems to support multiple, sometimes overlapping, and at times imprecise privacy laws and policies
  • Gain real-world insight on authorization & authentication business solutions
  • Discuss and identify standards-based approaches, gaps and overlaps
  • And understand the importance of an agile identity and access management foundation in achieving effective enterprise security in both the public & private organizations.


This pre-conference roundtable, organised by OASIS, can be booked for free separately from EIC 2009. Seats are limited, please visit this link to register.

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