24.04.2008 15:00-16:00

2nd European Identity Conference
Combined Session


<a Dr. Horst Walther, Kuppinger Cole

E.ON UK Case Study: Implementing an Identity and Access Management Solution that gives Business Value

Identity management isn’t just about security and cost, it can also deliver real business benefits. This presentation is based on the case study of the implementation at E.ON UK and the linking of this system to a European Identity Management system in E.ON Germany. It illustrates the key concepts of the implementation, where the value has been derived, and lessons learned during the implementation and subsequent operation and enhancement of the system.

Manage Governance: Manage Identities, Manage Access

The biggest part of an IAM solution for an enterprise is to manage the identities with their corresponding entitlements and therefore the entitlements structure. The implementation of a business oriented IAM will affect different areas: people, processes, policies and the IT infrastructure. Appropriate migration and change management plans will be needed to do this implementation efficiently after the processes, policies and IT infrastructure has been designed according to business’ requirements. This contribution describes best practices, lessons learned and experiences from Bombardier’s IAM program.

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