24.04.2008 15:00-16:00

2nd European Identity Conference
Business Case Study


<a Dr. Joerg Caumanns, Fraunhofer SBI

Single Sign On: Faster Patient Care through Technology

Quick access of key clinical systems in a hospital can ensure faster patient care, however, the complexity and number of systems that need to be accessed has grown exponentially and clinical users are now required to remember multiple user names and passwords at a time in order to provide the right care to patients. Identity management isn’t just about security and cost, it can also deliver real patient benefits. This presentation is based on the case study of the implementation of Imprivata at Liverpool Women’s (UK). It illustrates the key concepts of the implementation, the key challenges and benefits, and lessons learned during the implementation and subsequent operation of the system.

Enhanced Efficiency and Security by Identity Management Integration – The Case Study Klinikum Landshut

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