24.04.2008 14:00-15:00

2nd European Identity Conference
Track: SOA
Combined Session


IdM & SOA Governance: Reengineering IT-Governance

Over the last years, Compliance has often been cited as the most important driver for Identity Management. But, honestly, it is IT Governance as one of the most important parts of Corporate Governance. Within IT Governance (and within the identity and access management), the scope shouldn’t be limited to either Enterprise Systems and core business processes or to the Identity Management level. Companies need an consistent approach for IT Governance which focuses on risks as well as compliance and which integrates SOAs, IAM and BPM (and may be BSM) to really fulfill the requirements. Martin Kuppinger will provide his thoughts on this topic within this session.

Results from a Recent Survey

Ernst + Young and KCP have, right in time for EIC, released the results of a survey on the relationship between IAM and SOA. Based on the results of surveys, the experience of E+Y and the research and thought leadership of KCP this session will provide insight in the status, trends and requirements of the relationship of IAM and SOA.

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