24.04.2008 11:30-12:30

2nd European Identity Conference
Business Case Study


<a Dr. Horst Walther, Kuppinger Cole + Partner

SOA Security Challenges in an Extended Enterprise Model

This presentation focuses on issues related to identity and access management as traditional enterprises move into an extended enterprise model, based on SOA concepts. Usually the resulting architectures are a mix of eBusiness portals with an enterprise internal SOA and a strong and inflexible set of legacy components. As a consequence, identities must be managed across all domains and legal/regulatory requirements adhered to. Although solutions exist for most parts of the overall puzzle, the resulting architecture presents considerable challenges for governance and operations.

Philips have conducted a pilot project together with CGI that involves some out of the box thinking and which we hope will result in a greatly simplified but generalizable solution for these issues. The presentation will explain the architecture and present the results of the pilot to date.

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