24.04.2008 09:30-10:00

2nd European Identity Conference

EC Services Directive – Pushing eGovernment in Europe to a New Level

eGovernment Applications in Europe so far have not been broadly accepted, probably due to a lack of awareness and to not exploiting possible synergies on a European scale. The European Services Directive has the potential to significantly rise awareness and opens up new synergy potentials, as it liberates cross-border service offerings through multiple industries. The Services Directive will push the economy into an active role, enabled through new eGovernment applications.

The EC Services Directive has to be put in force in each EC member country until the end of 2009 and all administrative processes related to it have to then be available electronically. Secure eGovernment therefore wins a new, European dimension.

Implementing these processes electonically, will enable companies from any EC member country to easily offer services cross-border to other EC member countries. It therefore will be an important task, to rise awareness for these eGovernment applications related to the EC Services Directive, in order to avoid competitional disadvantages in a new competitional environment. Electronical documents, e-Identities and e-notification are the basic building blocks, which have to be available to companies to meet those new challenges. E-signature and the prevention of industry espionage will be side-effects achieved by this new egovernment service infrastructure.

Prof. Dr. Posch´s keynote will describe these challenges and it is aiming at rising awareness for a new competitive environement on a European level.

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