23.04.2008 14:00-15:00

2nd European Identity Conference
Combined Session


Kuppinger Cole GRC Solutions Market Report 2008

In the GRC Solutions Market Segment Report 2008, KCP provides the first time ever an structured view on the GRC market and the vendors within, clustering the different approaches to give a practical guideline for selecting solutions in this evolving, multi-facetted market. KCP will also predict future developments in this market.

Panel: New School Access Compliance and Risk Management Innovation

When companies first sought to balance the rapid pace of business with maintaining compliance with industry and regulatory mandates, they intuitively turned to existing identity management solutions as the fastest path for addressing many of the questions that had to be resolved to demonstrate compliance. But while identity management has provided value for many of these requirements, it still leaves critical gaps that companies have been forced to fill themselves through time-consuming, manual processes or home-grown systems. For these companies, continuous compliance means continuous repetition of hard labor using manual tools. As the deluge of regulatory mandates requiring access-related controls has grown, the need for a more efficient approach to managing access compliance and related business risk has become critical for global organizations.

To address these issues, a new wave of companies has emerged to effectively address access governance. Unlike their predecessors, which pre-dated most regulations, these solutions were architected from their inception with compliance and business processes in mind, enabling a streamlined and automated approach to access compliance certification and role lifecycle management. Deployment of these next-generation solutions leads to a sustainable and auditable strategic business process that substantially reduces risk from inappropriate access.

This panel will address:

  • The intersection of compliance/governance and identity and access management and what the future holds
  • Deployment of new automated, sustainable and auditable strategic business processes to substantially reduce risk
  • How organizations can achieve a company-wide access risk management & compliance model
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