07.05.2015 15:30-16:30

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
Combined Session


IAM/IAG @ Continental AG: Clearing Process as a Basis for Identity Management

The history of Continental consists of many mergers and aquisitions which lead to a very heterogeneous environment concerning accounts and account processes. Continental designed a special clearing process to securely map the HR data and account data of each employee and create the digital identity. As a next step the identity lifecycle processes will be defined and implemented.

Identity Relationship and Access Management and Dynamic Authorisation Management as a Driver for New Business Opportunities

If you can externalise authorisation management away from the application you will simplify online application development considerably. If you can externalise authorisation and identity management to your customer you can achieve considerable cost savings through self-service functions. If you put your customer in control of their identity data, and link your Identity Relationship and Access Management (IRAM) solution to your CRM, you can automate registration processes and invite customers directly from the CRM to your online services. As the customer has control over their identities and authorisations using the IRAM solution, you will improve the quality of the customer data within your CRM and you’ll be able to increase the efficiency of your sales and marketing by 30%, or as much as your CRM currently holds out-dated, corrupt or incorrect data.

With 3 million customers DNA Ltd. is Finland’s largest cable operator, a leading pay TV provider in both the cable and terrestrial networks the and third largest mobile operator. At the end of 2013 DNA adopted an Identity Relationship and Access Management solution to help them better manage their corporate customers. Dynamic Authorisation Management has proven to be the biggest benefit of the IRAM deployment facilitating considerable cost savings. In 2014 DNA started to offer selected cloud services to their customers. The cloud brokerage service is utilising the IRAM solution extensively. New B2B services will be integrated to the IRAM solution in the Spring of 2015.

With the help of Identity Relationship and Access Management DNA was able to generate new business and achieve considerable cost savings. Come and see how this was possible.

Key takeaways:

  • How to generate new business opportunities with Identity Relationship and Access Management solutions
  • How did dynamic authorisation management help DNA
  • How can you effectively manage a corporate customer base of tens of thousands with an Identity Relationship and Access Management solution
  • What’s the bottom line? Was it worth it?
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