07.05.2015 14:30-15:30

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
Combined Session


Security and the Internet of Everything and Everyone

The vision for an Internet of Everything and Everyone (IoEE) is for more than just an Internet of Things. It provides opportunities for organizations to get closer to their customers and to provide products and services that are more closely aligned to their needs. It provides the potential to enhance the quality of life for individuals, through better access to information and more control over their environment. It makes possible more efficient use of infrastructure by more precise control based on detailed and up to data information. It will change the way goods are manufactured by integrating manufacturing machinery, customers and partners allowing greater product customization as well as optimizing costs, processes and logistics.

However the IoEE comes with risks, and organizations adopting this technology need to be aware of and manage these risks. The realization of the vision is based on existing systems and infrastructure which contain known weaknesses. This is leading to risks to individual privacy and the organizations using the technologies risk using tainted data.

After attending this session you will be able to:

  • Describe the 4 major challenges from the IoT
  • Describe the 5 major steps and organization needs to take to securely exploit the IoEE

IoT Privacy Risks, Legislation and Solutions

In this session the panel will look at how the IoT is changing the privacy landscape.  People are using devices without being aware of the amount of data that these devices are collecting or the potential uses to which this data will be put.  At the same time the legislation around privacy is being strengthened and how will this impact on the processing of this data.  How will the OASIS Privacy Management Reference Model and Methodology (PMRM) help to implement the policies controls and functionalities to mitigate these risks.

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