07.05.2015 14:30-15:30

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
Combined Session


The Role of Policy Management in the Software-Defined Era

The morning sessions explored policy-based solutions to IoT, cloud and other online-based risks. This session explores the connection of technology and people through the growing role of standards in policy management in an era where the reliability of software-based organization and operations are increasingly depended upon by organizations. This session will seek to help businesses to identify what elements of risks are mitigated, and what new risks arise, with these changes.

“Software-defined” is an emerging technology trend that is getting rapid traction, allowing for amazing management, security and compliance innovations. But ‘software-defined’ also makes the application of policy more critical – and more complicated. For example, new servers and networks can be provisioned anytime, anywhere. Assets can connect with other resources, and be used for any purpose by anyone, all based on policy. A policy is a principle or protocol to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes. How do we rationalize regulations requirements with software-defined, context-aware security policies?

The panel is comprised of industry experts from NIST NCCoE, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and HyTrust, who will discuss the role of policy management in the software-defined era. Speakers will present commonly used policy definitions and usage, and debate the emerging need for policy-based resource lifecycle management, including how to secure these resources and demonstrate compliance, leveraging concrete use cases: 1) Software Defined Networking, 2) Software Defined Data Center/Orchestration, and 3) NCCoE Building Blocks – ABAC and Trusted Geo-Location.

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