07.05.2015 12:00-13:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
Combined Session


Life Management Use Cases & Business Models

Enabling individuals, citizens, consumers to take control of their data with the opportunity to “exchange” it for shared value, will be one of the most significant shifts in business models in the decade ahead. What are the opportunities for individuals, government, business, health, education and consumer brands? What does disruption look like? What opportunities are there for new business models?

Empowering the Consumer for Digital Business and the Identity Economy

The transformation of business models into digital and the creation of new, natively digital business models, is requiring a new quality of interaction between individuals, businesses, governments and other institutions. Digital Business needs personal information of the consumer and therefore only can be successfull, if the consumer is able to have full control over what to share with whom. In this session, we will have a look at the market readiness for “privacy-by-design” approaches and user empowerment and give an outlook on how the markets will develop. 

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