06.05.2015 14:30-15:30

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
Combined Session


It Takes a Community to Reduce Risk – Company Leadership and Recruitment of Supply Chains Stakeholders in Risk Mitigation Strategies

To help stakeholders balancing their needs to protect the organization against the needs to run the business – this is the new role IT professionals have to take over in the era of digital business. Moving forward, security people aren´t the “defenders against cyber threats” anymore. They are becoming the facilitators of a balance between the needs to protect and the needs to run a business. In digital Business, we are moving things into the cloud. We are moving things into software-as-a service. We don´t have control of them anymore. A lot of the traditional technologies just don´t apply. So we have to start looking at other things like contract clauses and the new types of controls which come along with the new breed of digital risks.

During this session, we will talk and discuss about the new skills required from IT Leadership.  

Recruiting Customers, Suppliers and Even Competitors to Help Reduce Risk

Various types of shared economic interests and risks create communities of interest where separate organizations work together such as in myriad supply chains worldwide. How can COIs come together in structured settings such as technical and policy standards initiatives, government programs, markets and other regulatory and self regulatory contexts to identify common needs and design, develop and deploy mutually acceptable solutions?

One Step Closer to the Unhackable Enterprise: Applying an Effective Information Security Strategy

The threat landscape became wicked and rougher. Governments are desperately  trying to fight the cyber threats. But their efforts will  never satisfy the needs. As a company, community or individual you remain a vulnerable target.

Applying a layered information security strategy can effectively reduce your risk exposure. Define your drivers and long term security goals; involve your  stakeholders; engage your customers, employees and suppliers; clearly communicate and achieve your targets by implementing the security roadmap are the key steps for becoming a security intelligent company who will be better protected against the next attack.

In this revealing presentation, we will share our experiences about building such an effective security strategy.

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