07.05.2015 11:00-12:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
Combined Session


One-Click Insight, Lean Recertification, Improved Compliance: Redefining Access Governance for the Digital Business

Improve your level of compliance, gain up-to-date insight and reduce recertification workload. Add business risk scoring to your Access Governance Architecture, focus attention on high-risk access and extend your existing infrastructure to provide real-time access risk information. Re-think your existing Access Governance processes and understand upcoming IAM challenges and their impact on your infrastructure. 

In his opening notes for the Access Governance Track, Matthias Reinwarth will share with you his experience from a decade of Identity & Access projects in various industries and describe, why KuppingerCole propose to redefine Access Governance so that it fits to the needs of the Digital Business.

Externalized Access Management (ABAC, RBAC) at Talanx Systeme AG for Bancassurance

Beginning from the architectural impact of authorisation as a cross-sectional function in the system environment of an insurance service stack, role based access control (RBAC) and attribute based access control (ABAC) will be introduced. After these preliminary considerations it will be shown by means of the case study of the Talanx Bancassurance that both models co-exist efficiently and seamlessly by using a standard authorization tool.

IAM Processes and their Communication Loops

Need of basic business demands – providing IAM solution – establish fundamental operation – guidance, support and communication.

To ensure the implementation of these chain within an global organization and to fulfill or exceed the expectations of our customers, regarding quality, service level and usability is a challenging and fascinating job.

In this session the principles based on examples will be presented how IAM processes and their communication loops are established successfully at Bayer

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