07.05.2015 11:00-12:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
Combined Session


The Proposed New European Union Data Protection Regulation – Status and Implications

More panelists to be announced

The proposed new data protection regulation aims at European data protection standards which are better harmonized than the current legislation and also suit the technical standards in times of transformation. A unified data protection Regulation that is directly applicable as part of the EU’s Digital Single Market shall make it easier for all parties to understand what their rights and obligations are and what compliance risks they need to manage.  One of the main changes  foresees that EU data protection law is valid whenever the European market is targeted – whether from within or outside of the EU. Amongst other regulatory novelties, strict enforcement and data protection by design will mean a truly new data protection environment.


  • What is the proposed New European Data Protection Regulation all about?
  • Data Protection Compliance issues to come
  • Risk Implications for companies and groups

The Role of Privacy by Design in the New EU Data Protection Regulation

The upcoming EU privacy legislation demands for implementation of a “privacy by design” approach for organizational IT-systems and processes. To showcase technology embracing this principle for Identity, access and secure authentication EU funded the attribute-based Credentials for Trust project (ABC4Trust). ABC4Trust is an EU-funded research and development project advancing the federation and interchangeability of technologies supporting trustworthy and at the same time privacy-preserving Attribute-based Credentials (Privacy-ABCs).

  • What is ABC4Trust all about, what are benefits and shortcomings?
  • How can actual technology help to meet privacy and security requirements
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