08.05.2015 13:30-16:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015

Identity Mixer, uProve, Qiy Trust Framework, UMA: Providing Control to the Individual

Securing access to personally identifiable information in a way that the individual that information is pointing to has full control, is one of the challenges in the era of digital transformation.

In this workshop, we will do a deep-dive into the available and forthcoming standards, technologies and their implementation for what we call Life Management Platforms (LMPs), which combine personal data stores, personal cloud-based computing environments, and trust frameworks. LMPs allow individuals managing their daily life in a secure, privacy-aware, and device-independent way. In contrast to pure personal data stores, they support concepts, which allow interacting with other parties in a meaningful way without unveiling more data than necessary to lead the intended interaction to a success. Think about comparing offers for insurance contracts or think about pulling articles from various sites for the ‘personalised newspaper’ without unveiling the full list of current interests.

After attending this workshop you will be able to

  • Give an Overview on existing standards and projects (Kantara UMA, Microsoft uProve, Qiy Trust Framework), their maturity and potentials
  • Describe Life Management Business Models and current implementations
  • Estimate Market Development in the coming 5 years

This workshop qualifies for 2 Group Learning based CPEs.

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