08.05.2015 13:30-16:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015

Beyond your On-Premise IT: Privilege Management for Cloud, Virtualization, SDE, OT, and IoT

Privilege Management for now has been primarily focused on the core IT infrastructure running on-premises. This is changing. While supporting the servers, applications, and client systems in your on-premise environment still is a major requirement, there is increasing demand for extended coverage. Managing privileged users in Cloud services on both the tenant and the service provider side is one challenge. Getting a grip at all layers of virtualized environments, from the host over the hypervisor to the guests is another. Managing the software-managed components in the upcoming Software-defined Environments (SDE) also creates new challenges for Privilege Management. OT (Operational Technology) with many types of specific systems that need to become better protected is a both interesting and challenging field for innovation in Privilege Management. And there also will be a need for managing privileged access to things in the IoT, for instance for managing patches and updates – here we are talking about massive scalability.

This not only means that vendors have to drive innovation, but customers need to think about their future strategy for Privilege Management. In this workshop, the specific requirements imposed by these new challenges will be discussed, looking at feature areas such as scalability, support for new (and, in the case of OT, old) protocols and interfaces, etc. Based on this, the workshop will cover whether and how to extend the reach of on-premise, IT focused Privilege Management – or whether different solutions are the better choice.

After attending this workshop you will be able to

  • Explain the difference between Simplified SignOn (SSO) and Privileged User Management
  • Identify the common cyber security Privileged Password mistakes
  • Implement individual audit tracking for shared accounts
  • Understand Privileged Password Management in the Cloud and how to build access barriers

 Completion of this workshop qualifies for up to 2 Group Learning based CPEs.

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