06.05.2015 11:00-12:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
Combined Session


Top 5 Cloud Security Threats and how to Mitigate the Risk of High Impact

Although cloud computing has left the early adopter stage, there are still quite a few organizations hesitant to migrate services and data into the cloud due to security concerns, not only in Europe. Many of the security and privacy concerns heard when listening to IT professionals, are not just fears – they are real amd meed to be treated. In this presentation, KuppingerCole Analysts Mike Small and Eric Cole will guide you through the top 5 Cloud Security & Privacy concerns and propose measures to mitigate the risks originating from those threats. 

Simplify your IAM – what’s first: User Interface, Processes, or Infrastructure?

Too many companies suffer from complex IAM implementations. Lack of user acceptance due to overly complex user interfaces; massive workloads for business people in recertification; failed projects due to complex infrastructures; the list of challenges is long. On the other hand, the need for a well-working IAM has never been as large as today. Support for more users and other types of identities than ever before, with more and more business users being involved in access requests and identity management; detecting abuse of access rights and excessive entitlements as soon as possible; simple implementation of more than just basic identity provisioning; that’s what companies need today.

Time to simplify IAM infrastructures. But where to start? Or does it require completely rethinking and re-implementing everything? And how to move from what you have to a simplified IAM infrastructure with broader reach?
The panelists will discuss the business and IT demand for simplifying IAM and how to reach that goal.

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