06.05.2015 11:00-12:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
Combined Session


From Security to Information Security to Digital Risk

Hanns Proenen will take you on a small journey through traditional IT security, as it was until recently, and how he is observing and experiencing the shift to information security and IT risk. He will talk about the tasks for the IT Risk Officer and how to build a firewall between the digital and the analogue world.   

Mapping the Changes in Data and Identity Risk Landscapes – From Physical Security to Information Security to Digital Security to Interaction Security

Well-managed organizations address unique and emerging risks, such as networked data and identity-related risks in the context of their overall risk profile, and seek to implement solutions that can cost-effectively address organizational risk at multiple levels. As new online and networked system risks associated with data and identity handling systems have surfaced, pre-existing risks still remain relevant; and together they vie for the attention of managers around the world, causing them many sleepless nights. How are emerging risks similar to and different from traditional risks faced by enterprises? How can traditional risk mitigation strategies inform, or mislead, managers seeking to address emerging risks?

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