06.05.2015 09:30-09:50

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015

Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructures and Industry 4.0: Shaping the future of IAM

Devices and production assets have become smart. Their function is no longer solely defined by their mechanical parameters, but also by their software, processing and communication capabilities – they have become cyber physical devices. IT/OT convergence will drive the creation of complex cyber physical systems which, when applied to the world of production, represents the smart factory. As more and more production environments and critical infrastructures will depend on the robustness and availability of these cyber physical systems – security & governance become a real challenge.

Identity and Access Management is one of the core building blocks to address these challenges. The specific situation of OT solutions and critical infrastructures, however, entails a set of functional and non-functional requirements which cannot be fulfilled by off-the-shelf IAM products available in today’s marketplace. New cost-efficient deployment methods, nearly unlimited scalability and light-weight APIs and protocols must be defined and implemented to shape the IAM architectures and services of the future.

In this keynote we will give a short overview of the current technology landscape for IAM, the new requirements and some design principles and promising technologies and standards.

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