10.05.2007 09:00-12:30

1st European Identity Conference

Feeding the Need to Know ? Managing Identities along Supply Chains

Federated identity, the exchange of information within and between enterprises, provides authentication and authorization capabilities. Federation enables loosely coupled identity management across autonomous business domains and extends the reach of applications. It is now becoming a strategic requirement for most enterprise infrastructures and adoption continues in multiple industries. Organizations investing in federation are still seen as early adopters. Because the field is still developing, the challenges as well as the potential benefits can be significant. This workshop is designed to provide insight into the results of early implementations. It will look at the standards today along with discussions on what the future holds. The workshop will provide information to help you evaluate whether federated identity fits your IT roadmap, as well as when and how to begin your adoption of these solutions.


  • Federation business case
  • Federated Concepts
  • Federation Standards
  • Early Adopter Case Studies and Best Practices
  • Identity Networks
  • Lessons Learned and Recommendations
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