05.05.2015 14:00-14:40

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015

Identity, Access, Security: The Fundaments for Digital Risk Mitigation in the Age of Transformation

The Digital Transformation of Business is unstoppable. It affects virtually all industries. The IoT (Internet of Things) is just a part of this transformation, at the technical level. However, without changing business models, organizations will not succeed. Furthermore, connecting things with apps and services is imposing new challenges. These include product security and liability issues, but also appropriately dealing with customer “big” data. Identity, Access, and Security become critical success factors for the Digital Transformation of Business. Martin Kuppinger will talk in his keynote about how IT has to transform and how Information Security can become a business enabler for the Digital Transformation of Business.

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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015 Teaser

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015, taking place May 5 – 8, 2015 at the Dolce Ballhaus Forum Unterschleissheim, Munich/Germany, is the place where identity management, cloud and information security thought leaders and experts get together to discuss and shape the Future of secure, privacy-aware agile, business- and innovation driven IT.

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