09.05.2007 12:00-13:00

1st European Identity Conference
Combined Session


<a Martin Kuppinger, Kuppinger Cole

Managing Identities along Supply Chains – Automotive Industry

The way that businesses are supporting business relationships is changing rapidly. Business is increasingly extending the enterprise outside of the traditional boundaries to allow greater access to services, systems and information. Simply put, business is about making decisions. Extending the enterprise to incorporate customers, partners, employees, regulators and investors is a requirement for this improved performance. Tighter integration, closer relationships and more open communication will enable better decision-making. No where is this more important that in managing the complexity of the Automotive supply chain. The prerequisite to support this expanding of the enterprise is the ability of organizations to manage the users who access this new extended enterprise. Federated Identity and Access Management (FIAM) solutions allow organizations to securely leverage extended enterprise functionality to transform their business.

Service Oriented Identity – From Software to (managed) Services

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