14.05.2014 10:20-10:40

EIC 2014 Beer Garden Talks

IAM as a Service

An effective Identity & Access Management (IAM) is not luxury anymore. For many companies, IAM has become one of the key systems and therefore needs accurate attention from the Management as well as a professional support. The Identity & Access Management Processes has to be designed and established in a way it secures all Compliance requirements, without disturbing the daily business. Like a referee, IAM should intervene as soon as the daily business does not comply with the defined rules anymore(infraction). IAM keeps everything in order without changing the outcome of a game.

Why IAM as a Service?

  • To ensure a secure and professional operation of Identity & Access Management, a company needs very specific know how about the established IAM-Applications and their integration into the IAM-Processes.
  • Depending on the availability requirements, the know how has to be available after the usual operating time and therefore needs to be distributed to several people within the company for emergency situations. An external Operation-Organisation can handle this at any time.
  • Usually, Companies develop the necessary operation know how for the IAM-Processes during a project stage. Unfortunantely, many companies face the difficulty to keep these skills in a long-term perspective.
  • Whereas an internal administrator can circumvent defined processes and possibly make his own decision, an external Operation organisation is incorruptible. No change without a change;

Focus on Core Competencies

  • The IAM Operation Service is provided by educated and qualifies IAM-Specialists.
  • Customers do not have to take care of internal IAM-Trainings, the IAM-Organisation, a IAM Product evaluation or the IAM operation processes.
  • Basic Infrastructure, Software platforms, Help-Desk and IAM-Services, the external Operation Organisation takes care of all of these services at any time.

In the presentation of Marco Rohrer, CEO IPG, you will learn more about the benefits and possibilities of the IAM service innovation “IAM Operation”. Besides that, you can profit from practical experiences.

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