15.05.2014 12:20-12:40

EIC 2014 Beer Garden Talks

Banking in an Online and Mobile World

In the last 12 months 81% of households have used online banking and 19% of households have used a mobile app to do their banking. Acceptance of online banking and smart devices are becoming ubiquitous. This trend gives opportunities for banks to tap into new client sources and serve clients 24/7 wherever and whenever while lowering costs for staff and physical offices. 

The two biggest challenges in optimising the mobile and online banking experience is user-friendly-but-secure authentication and user-friendly-bug-secure-onboarding. Overcoming these challenges results in getting more clients and more transactions

Everett will demonstrate how we can achieve a seamless experience for KYC compliant online-client-onboarding and user friendly banking-grade mobile authentication for both Online and Mobile banking.

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