14.05.2014 13:40-14:00

EIC 2014 Beer Garden Talks


Secure Collaboration and Web Governance: How does this fit in with IAM?

AdNovum’s Nevis security and compliance suite is used by renowned institutions and companies in Switzerland and abroad to protect mission-critical online services. The Nevis suite has a modular architecture and covers all functional aspects of a modern IAM suite, including WAF (Web Application Firewall), versatile authentication, identity management and federation and provisioning functionality.

However, as more and more critical business processes are shifted to the online channel, new requirements arise: How should comprehensive online support be implemented in security sensitive areas, where the use of common screen-sharing techniques is no option? How do you provide governance and non-repudiation on the web channel for personalized content and web transactions?

Stephan Schweizer, Nevis Product Manager, will show how an IAM infrastructure can be leveraged to cover these specific needs in order to provide added value to business.

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