16.05.2014 13:30-16:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014
Track: Workshop I

Migrating Away from your Current Identity Provisioning Solution

Many organizations currently consider migrating away from their current Identity Provisioning solution. There are many reasons to do so: vendors became acquired and the roadmap changed; the requirements have changed and the current solution does not appear being a perfect fit anymore; a lot of money has been spent for little value; the solution does not suit the new requirements of managing external users and access to Cloud services.

However, migrating your provisioning tool will be not as easy as some vendors claim, because Identity Management implementations are mainly not plain vanilla out-of-the-box, and there is no such thing as a “miracle migration toolset” – honestly, there are only a few toolsets (like the one offered by Oracle for migrating the Sun Identity Manager/Oracle Waveset Identity Manager to Oracle Identity Manager). More important, moving from one Identity Manager to another is not necessarily the best choice, given that there many more alternatives for IAM infrastructures than a few years ago, not to speak of the fact that many organizations struggle with multiple Provisioning tools which came in through acquisitions of other companies or through regional or departmental decisions not consistent with the central IT strategy. These architectures include those centered around Access Governance, as well as several other options. Not to forget the fact, that successful implementation of a new IAM solution and migration also depends on the quality level of your guidelines and policies, your process and role models, and your organization.

This workshop will give you a deep dive into what the prerequisites for successful migrations (and for making a decision to stay with your current tool, if that turns out being the better choice). We will discuss a lot of aspects, such as

  • Understand the maturity of your current IAM program from both a technical and organizational perspective;
  • Understand the options you have beyond Identity Provisioning – which role must Access  Governance and Cloud IAM play?
  • What do you need beyond core IAM functionalities?
  • Make a rational decision on when to migrate from your current provisioning tool;
  • Plan your migration strategy based on industry best practice;
  • Select the best tools and approaches to perform the migration;
  • Identify and manage the risks associated with migration.

To best prepare for this workshop, you should consider taking part in this free webinar: http://www.kuppingercole.com/events/n40212  

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