15.05.2014 17:00-18:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014
Combined Session


Efficiency Gains in the Cloud

Over the past two decades IT evolved from business enabler under its own conditions (setting up the rules of the game) to the service that is expected to meet not only business but users’ demands now and here. New technologies are easily built and extended and only forward-thinking IT organizations can keep the pace and promptly prepare “defense”.
Today’s work force does not only have requirements and demands, they have expectations.

WMO ‘s journey to the cloud shows how consumerization, BYOD and Cloud provided answers to challenges of the core business of a non-profit international organization with tight budget, traveling work force and operating all over the world, including the least developed countries. The presentation shows how the acceptable risk was determined, what were the challenges and lessons learnt.

The organization achieved 70% costs cut thanks to successful implementation of Cloud, BYOD and mobility initiatives, significantly improved its efficiency and users and customers satisfaction.

Embracing Cloud Services : Roadmap to Reality

Offering cloud services has become a high-volume mainstream business these days, not only for providers, but also for consultants and architects. Amol will talk in this session aligning to his experience in various phases defining roadmap, analysing service fit, defining criteria for acquiring cloud services followed by challenges in implementation.

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