15.05.2014 17:00-18:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014
Combined Session


Unexpected and Complex Implications of the Internet of Everything (IoE)

With the recent acquisition of NEST Labs, Google is paving it´s way into your bed- and sitting room, listening to your most private prefences and habits. Home automation and many other areas, where the Internet of Everything will try to add value to our analog lives, come along with strong privacy concerns and is raising new questions:   

  • Who owns the data on your automobile´s computer? The manufacturer? The current title holder? The auto, itself?
  • Will the auto have its own personal cloud and grant you permission to access it? Will this spell the end of auto theft?
  • How do you manage apps for devices?

These are some of the curious questions that arise as global experts debate the implications of the Internet of Things.
For its promises to simplify our lives, the Internet of Things presents a panoply of concerns. Will you be able to profit from foresight into this life-changing development?

Security and Identity Challenges for the Internet of Everything

The Internet of Things (IoT) concerns the connection of physical devices (cars, thermostats, smartphones, home lighting, tide sensors, smart meters, etc) to the Internet. There are more devices connected to the Internet than people on the planet, and the prediction is that there will be 50 billion IoT devices by 2020.

The IoT brings with it many security challenges, and this session will explore these challenges as well as looking at some emerging solutions. Of course these challenges fall into existing security and identity challenges but are exacerbated and modified by the specific aspects of the IoT. This session will concentrate on those aspects.

For example, standard approaches for security and identity, such as PKI, may not be appropriate or suitable for memory and CPU constrained devices. Even when the device can handle asymmetric encryption, the key distribution may be a significant issue.

The session will cover identity, confidentiality, denial of service, privacy and other aspects and specifically how those are different in the IoT space.

This session is aimed at professionals who understand identity and security issues and wish to understand how those concepts apply in the IoT space. It will also be relevant to IoT specialists looking to understand security issues.

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