• TYPE: Roundtable DATE: Thursday, 05/15/2014 TIME: 11:00-13:00 LOCATION: BODENSEE I


The first part highlights Risk Management as one of the key elements of the Identity and Access Management strategy of Daimler. It illustrates multidisciplinary interaction of Business Units, IT and Legal. Furthermore, future prospects of IAM in large corporations and prerequisites to obtain IAM as a Commodity are outlined.

The second part discusses the importance of standardized protocols for the commodification of IAM. It provides an overview of the current protocol landscape, new challenges and deduces recommendations to corporations. 


Dr. Barbara Mandl is Senior Manager of DAIMLER AG, responsible for the Global Daimler IT-Organization: CoC Identity and Access Management.  Dr. Barbara Mandl’s career lead her through various Telecommunication and IT organizations. Among those were leading Management Positions as…

Andre Priebe is CTO of the iC Consult Group, a vendor-independent system integrator at the leading edge of Identity & Access Management. With more than 10 years of experience in managing IAM projects, he is responsible for product portfolio management and ensures that iC Consult continuously…


Dr. Karsten Kinast
Fellow Analyst

What are the legal requirements for large organizations when it comes to IAM/IAG? Obviously, there are many different laws and regulations in place. In this part of the workshop, Dr. Karsten Kinast will provide an overview about relevant regulations and discuss these with the participants. This is the introductory part, providing the foundation for the subsequent parts of this workshop.


Dr. Karsten Kinast, LL.M., Attorney at Law (Germany), is founding Partner of the Law Firm “Kinast & Partner” with an exclusive focus on Data Protection Law and IT-Law. He holds a Master of Laws Degree in European Legal Informatics and  serves as external Data Protection…

Centralized IAM platforms are in continuous change. New requirements and technologies as well as scope enhancements lead to a permanent increase in complexity. Due to deep integration of IAM-Services in many business processes the business criticality of IAM-Platforms increases significantly. This evolution and the resulting challenges will be illustrated using the example of Daimler centralized IAM platform.


Udo Günther responsible for Global IT Identity Management Services and Processes at Daimler AG. He has held various leading IT positions for the past 22 years and was responsible for system development in the Areas of Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Truck Telematics. Since 2001 he has…


Don Schmidt
Principal Program Manager

Finally, there is the information-centric view within IAM/IAG. Aside of services that allow managing users and their access, information must be managed and protected. This final part of the workshop will have a closer look at how to set up Secure Information Sharing as a service within the IAM strategy of large organizations.


Don Schmidt is a Principal Program Manager in the Windows Azure Active Directory engineering team at Microsoft with over 30 years of successful software and standards development experience in security, federated identity and attribute-based access control. He is considered a trusted advisor…


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