14.05.2014 17:30-18:30

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014
Combined Session


Mature, Well Established, Inevitable: Guiding you through the Current Enterprise Single Sign-On Market

The KuppingerCole Leadership Compass provides a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the product offerings in a particular market segment. KuppingerCole compares these offerings based and identifies the overall leaders, product leaders, market leaders, and innovation leaders. Furthermore, KuppingerCole provides in-depth analysis per product and additional analytics that show the strengths of products for various customer challenges. KuppingerCole Leadership Compass documents help customers in finding their path through the markets and identifying the products they should put on their shortlists. In this session, Martin Kuppinger will provide an overview of the E-SSO market based on the current KuppingerCole Leadership Compass.

Enterprise Single Sign-On (E-SSO) is a well-established technology. Despite all progress in the area of Identity Federation, E-SSO is also still a relevant technology. This is also true in the light of the growing number of Cloud-SSO solutions that manage access to cloud applications, both on-premise and cloud-based approaches but targeted on Single Sign-On to Cloud apps. However, in most organizations there are still many legacy applications in on-premise installations in place. Providing single sign-on to all types of applications increases convenience for users and might also reduce help desk cost. In addition, there are many specific use cases such as hospitals or production environments that require E-SSO for security and efficiency reasons.

Thus, E-SSO is one of the technologies that are of high importance for organizations. E-SSO provides centrally managed solutions that grant access to various applications, both traditional “fat client” and browser-based applications. 

The Leadership Compass shows that Enterprise Single Sign-On is a rather mature market. Especially in the areas of Product Leadership and Innovation Leadership, many vendors are leading-edge and competing head-to-head. This is good news for customers, allowing them to choose from a range of mature products that suit their needs. As always, however, it is about the details. Some solutions offer specific features that are relevant to specific use cases, such as unlocking multiple systems for traders in the finance industry or in control rooms. Thus when selecting vendors, it is strongly recommended to thoroughly look at support for the more specific use cases – that is where even the Leaders differentiate significantly. In fact, there are no weak vendors in that analysis. All of the vendors show particular strength and provide a good foundation for addressing the E-SSO challenges of organizations. 

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