14.05.2014 15:30-16:30

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014
Combined Session


Access Governance Vendor Panel

The Access Governance market is maturing – and changing. While there are many vendors now that have a strong offering for IAG (Identity and Access Governance), there are various new features provided by the one or other vendor. Data Governance, Cloud Access Governance, integration of Privilege Management features, Access Inteliigence, etc. Aside of that, there is the more fundamental question of whether the better approach is integrating Identity Provisioning and Access Governance or keeping these functionalities separate. While the one better suits to customers looking for a single solution, the other approach might work better for customers that already have various Identity Provisioning tools in place – something that is not uncommon in large organizations. Aside of that, provisioning approaches are becoming more flexible, supporting ESBs (Enterprise Service Bus), Service Management tools, and other ways to provision, beyond traditional Identity Provisioning.

As always, customer requirements are differing and there is most likely not the single right approach to do Access Governance. However, there are good arguments for all of these new features and architectural concepts. The participants of this panel will discuss about this and provide you arguments that help you picking the Access Governance approach of choice for your organization.

The 5 Critical Tenets of Identity and Access Management

The IAM market is experiencing a renaissance with the emergence of new options for how and where to deploy IAM technology, both on-premises and as a service.  At the same time most organizations are struggling with how to best utilize the IAM solutions they have to manage their changing world of IT infrastructure.  New technologies like cloud and mobile are being mixed with established mainstays like SAP, Oracle and RACF and all must be managed with a increasing focus on governance, compliance and automation.  However, regardless of the delivery model selected, and whatever the mix of applications being managed, many best practices of IAM remain unchanged. During this session, SailPoint CTO, Darran Rolls will introduce the 5 Critical Tenets of Identity and Access Management.  He will discuss the many and varied options now available to deliver IAM technology, and will provide a best-practice guide for defining, securing and managing Identity regardless of the IAM deployment technology, the application being managed, or the the infrastructure it all runs upon.  

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