• TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Wednesday, 05/14/2014 TIME: 14:30-15:30 LOCATION: ALPSEE




Martin Kuppinger
Principal Analyst

It’s a perfect coincidence. On one hand, demand for Secure Information Sharing is not only growing but exploding in the „post Snowden era“. On the other hand, we see a number of new and improved solutions appearing in the market. Thus, Information Rights Management is finally becoming ready for widespread adoption. Information Rights Management protects documents by encrypting them and attaching access control. These access controls are enforced by the applications that are used to read and edit the documents.

In his presentation, Martin Kuppinger will look at the various alternatives in the Information Rights Management. He will describe and compare concepts and provide a vendor overview. He then will look at the common requirements customers have for Information Rights Management and rate the readiness of approaches based on these requirements.


Martin Kuppinger is Founder and Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, a leading analyst company for identity focused information security, both in classical and in cloud environments. Prior to KuppingerCole, Martin wrote more than 50 IT-related books and is known  as a widely-read columnist…

This session will have a look at the technical concepts behind IRM, based on the example of Microsoft’s Azure RMS. It looks at how encryption is done, the various options for managing keys, the integration with applications, and the management of users. Given that IRM, despite all progress, still is a complex topic, this sessions provides background information about how IRM works, which helps designing own implementations.


Philippe Beraud joined Microsoft in 1997. As a Principal / Architect Consultant in the Microsoft Consulting Services division, he acquired recognized skills in planning and implementing both infrastructure and applicative architectures in large companies. Today acting as an Architect / Chief…

Mr. Yuval Eldar is the founder and CTO of Secure Islands Technologies. In his role, he is responsible for the company’s R&D, product management, marketing, and overall product strategy. Yuval brings extensive experience from more than 20 years in R&D and Product Management. Prior…

Tim Upton founded TITUS and leads the company as President & CEO, providing the overall vision for the company’s products and services around information protection best practices. He helped establish early customer wins and the company’s market leading position, and has led the…


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