13.05.2014 18:00-18:20

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014

Applied Information Stewardship: Protect your Jewelry

Demand for Secure Information Sharing has been growing not only since Snowden´s revelations; however, following these, it has been exploding. Wouldn´t it be nice if this strong demand could be really served? With strategic solutions, not with point solutions and patches? Wouldn’t it be great if we could really protect every single piece of information? Think about access rights being attached to information and travelling together with the documents, across domains, companies, countries, legislations.
In his keynote, Kim Cameron will talk about encrypting documents and attaching access control – in a way everyone can use it. These access controls are enforced by the applications that are used to read and edit the documents. Kim will not only look at how Information Stewardship can become a reality, but also at the mitigating factors. What does it need to make this work? Broad application and device support, support for all types of users, simple setup, intuitive use.

Kim will put the new opportunities, the supply on the demand for Secure information Sharing, in the context of a broader concept of Information Stewardship.


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