13.05.2014 17:20-17:40

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014

The Identity of Everything

By 2020, it is estimated that between 25 billion and 1 trillion devices will be connected to the Internet – creating a true “Internet of Everything.” This represents the most significant IT opportunity of a generation. From smart TVs, to intelligent cars and wearable computers, almost everything around us is going to be online, and communicating. Yet, all those devices and interactions must be managed and secured. And failure to do so will have significant implications on how we view data protection and privacy in this “always on,” hyper-connected world.

In this session, Geoff Webb will discuss some of the changing trends in the field of Identity, and how the emerging “Internet of Things” will demand a new approach to thinking about what we mean by Identity. What is Identity? Who owns our identities? And how must business and governments begin to lay the foundations for a world in which we are constantly surrounded by devices that know who we are, and what we are doing – a world in which everything must be defined by an identity of its own if we are to have a chance to properly secure data and retain a level of personal privacy in in a hyper-connected world.

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