27.11.2013 16:30-18:30

Information Risk & Security Summit 2013

Dialog II: How Mature is Your Cloud? Defining your own benchmark on Cloud Maturity, Measuring and Enforcing it.

One of the challenges in Information Security is Cloud Computing – an opportunity as well as a threat. Cloud Computing can provide services that have never been available before. It is (hopefully) run by professional service providers that potentially can providers a better service level than internal IT can do. On the other hand: Who knows what really happens at the Cloud Providers side? How to assure quality of service and security of information? You need to know how mature your cloud is. It is about finding your way on assessing the cloud, by benchmarking your own maturity for cloud provider selection, assurance, and Cloud usage. It is about measuring it and it is about enforcing your own standards to get the value out of the cloud that it promises – without ending up with a service management or information security nightmare. Following a short initial presentation with some proposals on such an approach, the panelists and the audience will have the opportunity to discuss their challenges and look for solutions, with the advice of all the KuppingerCole analysts and the industry experts in the room.

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