16.05.2013 13:20-13:40

EIC 2013 Beer Garden Talks

How to Securely Unleash the Power of Social Media – Identities go round!

The question whether or not to play in the social web has already been answered: A good interaction mix including the collaborative methods used in the social web is almost a prerequisite for success. However, the use of social media methods bears both risks and benefits. Amongst others, the questions for businesses to be answered are:

– Do the benefits outweigh the risks?
– How can the remaining risks be contained/controlled?
– How can success be measured and
– How can I capitalize on assets that are already employed?

Next to strategies that develop the awareness of individuals while using social media it is a must to think about technologies controlling the risks and enabling/simplifying the use. Social identities play a role in various dimensions: Internally, externally and a combination of both. The unifying theme is: How to enable and control identities to create business benefits or: “How to securely unleash the power of social media?”

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